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        These items are our general suggestions. Depending on your personal preferences you should customize your hunting gear accordingly.  
a day pack containing- 
range finder
wind checker
small knife
headlamp w/ extra batteries
 fire starter kit
refillable water bottles
license and hunters education safety card
Please refer to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife web site and publications for complete
regulations and laws. 
Rifle Hunts
verage Daily Temperatures for:
October  HI: 59   LO: 19
13 days of precipitation avg
November  HI: 50 LO: 17
8 days of precipitation avg
You want to pack for warm days and cold mornings and evenings.
We recommend layering, so you can stay warm while riding atv's
or sitting still but then don't overheat while hiking. We usually have
snow before Oct 31st.
High quality waterproof hiking boots ~400 grams insulation
good moisture wicking socks
long underwear
pants - camo, jeans, light weight wool
shirts-layering pieces, flannel, wool outer shirts
mid weight coat
Heavy Parka
light and heavy gloves
hat with ear covering
rain suit or water proof outerwear
personal toiletries and medications
extra ammo
scope cover
Blaze Orange: hunters must wear 500 sq in of solid daylight
fluorescent orange above the waist, part of which must be a head
covering visible from all directions. Camo orange does not qualify.
Late Season Gear